Register as a provider

If you as a domain provider are interested in being listed with your domain offers at, we need the following:


1. feed with your prices

This can be in CSV or JSON format and must be accessible to us via a URL so that we can update the data automatically on a regular basis.

We need the following data:

  • Domain extension
  • Gross price in euros per month
  • Gross setup price (optional)
  • Relative URL to the individual offer (optional)


As a CSV, a single entry would look like this (one line per domain extension):


As JSON, a single entry would look like this:
'de' : [ 1.25, 10.99, '/domains/tlds/de' ],


If you cannot provide such a feed, we can alternatively programme a parser that reads the prices from your website. This is chargeable for you and depends on the effort involved (depending on the structure of your website).


2. affiliate model

We send traffic from our site to your site - the sales generated must be remunerated. If you do not have an affiliate/partner programme, we are also happy to offer a monthly flat rate for listing your prices on our site.


3. your master data

We also need your logo as a PNG file and a short description of your company (1-2 sentences)


Interested? Then please send us an e-mail to